What is an American College?

What is an American College?

By Brooke Hardy

An American college is an optional schooling in the goal of achieving a type of degree. It starts as the thirteenth year of schooling for students, starting at the age of about 18. The Majority of Colleges require a tuition, but there is a large amount of resources available to those that cannot afford the money themselves.

Colleges are a place of learning and experiencing a new form of adulthood, as most of the attendees are in the first area that they do not have their family or constant supervision. As it is optional, the majority of the population is intelligent, so it is an environment of those that aim to learn.

College in the most basic form is a schooling that is used to achieve higher degrees, and the degrees in turn are used to advance in the career world.

The Difference between College Life and High school Life

The major differences between college and high school lies in the independence that the students have. The likelihood that their parents aren’t nearby is very high, and they will likely live in small groups on campus. They possibly had a job beforehand, but this will be the first time that they are in charge of their own lives and timing.

Students also have to manage their own education. They have to take their classes and do their work without the pressure from their parents. They have to manage their own time, making sure to not oversleep in miss class. The classes are also more lecture style and learning is more dependent on the students and their own choices. Those that never needed to study may find themselves lost and unable to have the study habits that they need to do well in College.

Classes also hold the ability to be much larger than the typical high school class. They are far more independent and it is very likely that students in the same class will not know one another’s names. The entire environment of college is different than it was in High school.

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