Team MEMBERS and companies:

American Explorer Academy is an American company that has your current address in the city of Orlando, Florida, USA, has a large staff of bilingual professionals working in the organization and implementation of various programs of educational, cultural, ecological content and entertainment; providing personalized attention and ongoing support to all children and young people who come from different countries. In order to do our work, we have a wonderful group of strategic partners in different countries, who are responsible as our educational / commercial agents to socialize our educational programs, among others Aea Explorer Colombia, Aea Explorer Chile, Aea Explorer China, Aea Explorer Ecuador; duly registered and registered in their nations engaged in a personalized way to organize on our behalf all educational projects, exchanges and camps with educational institutions, public and private, providing a support service to education in the organization of their companies international departures with the focus of learning the second language of English, providing opportunity to children and young people to have a travel experience surrounded by obtaining best memories of their peers and study groups.



The program objectives are none other than children and youth have the opportunity to start their international departures without being next to their parents, looking for own purposes of independence, autonomy, know a different cultural environment to their country, living day to day a native American; all our programs combine a number of activities that have clear objectives, always seeking that participants have the opportunity to be learning the English language, practicing, learning it, whether in the classroom, in different extracurricular outings culture, science, technology, in the own laboratory of daily life, entertainment activities, ie lifelong learning of English as a point of departure and arrival of all our programs. That’s why one of the cities where the format of our programs is developed is Orlando, located in the State of Central Florida is a nice, safe city with a spectacular climate and is characterized by being visited by millions of people all continents; It allows us to carry out any month of the year reception of students and to run all scheduled activities from the point of educational, cultural, ecological and entertaining view. Orlando, Fl has educational institutions as Valencia College Orlando and Orlando Language School among others, as strategic allies that allows taking children and young people to make their courses in English, completely surrounded by student life, sharing with children and young people from different places of the world; complementing all his teaching with cultural activities such as Kennedy Space Center NASA, museums, libraries, historical sites, natural reserves located in places far from the city where they will locate participants in a full natural environment of wild, avian wildlife, zoos, swamps, know the everglades and entertainment venues such as theme parks Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, famous places that will help us enjoy the program and learn from the shows in English in different places visited.

The experiences I have lived more than 1,200 students who have traveled during these years with us allows us to have a clear concept of the importance of our programs where participants gain important insights from the intellectual point of view , language learning , to improve and improve and overcome significant barriers in his personal life , fear, timidity, to obtain leadership and remain in his memory an unforgettable experience.

EDUCATION AND CULTURAL diversity present:


Education and English language courses with our programs for stays ranging from (2) weeks onwards are developed with educational institutions and universities of the highest quality in the United States, as Valencia College Orlando and Orlando Language School among others, according ages of students and quotas available; They are certified and accredited by the American Federal Government to allow them recepcionar students from all over the world: Arab, Korean, Moroccan, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, and Colombian course are linked to an academic process, forcing communication is entirely in English among themselves and their teachers, improving and strengthening their learning every day, understanding that cultural difference is not just a matter of language, but to strengthen friendships with young people from different nationalities. The institutions have highly qualified professionals and administrative, human quality, wide experience in the teaching of modern languages, geography and American history teachers; have smart classrooms, laboratories English and excellent security.


Learning platforms are given by (9) main levels and each divided into basic, intermediate and advanced; so each student will be assessed at the time of starting the program through a test and classify according to the result. They initiating the process, the week will be offered (15) to (18) hours per week of teaching English in any of the selected students according to their age programs: Intensive Inglés Program (IEP) for students (12) years forward and Inglés as a Second Language (ESL) to students (8) to (11) years.

Upon completion of their studies and academic activities, students will be evaluated to determine the progress and final result achieved by each.

For students who have completed their High School and University that have aged 16 years and older; offer academic programs (3) months onwards and may continue his studies at Valencia College and later trasnferirsen the University of Central Florida or other universities that wish.




Our extracurricular method is to combine knowledge with fun, which is why all our programs and camps that participants have made ingredients entertainment, which according to the selected programs will make visiting the theme parks and adventure; these being very safe, offering continuous support by bilingual staff making every visit an unforgettable experience.

Parks and scheduled departures contain not only fun and rides, each of them has a particular theme, context and different infrastructure. The learning process of each student is based on understanding and understand English the second language while having fun, that’s why attending the different shows that are performed in the different theme parks to visit chord selected programs.


In order to exercise the English language, students will afternoons language practices, where they will visit different places of extracurricular way looking to create open spaces that complement classroom study, as afternoon shopping malls, malls , historical sites, restaurants creating a unique experience of independence, autonomy and interaction with American staff at different sites and highlights in the city, where you will find shops of the best global brands, clothing, footwear, electronics, perfume, watches etc.




All our students will be staying in holiday homes, located in the best resorts in the city, you can enjoy the best group accommodation with spectacular domestic locations, playground, rooms, dining rooms, dormitories, private pool, laundry area and drying clothes, in their social areas have fun for young and old as the Club House, its sports fields, gym, large swimming pools, hot tubs, beach volleyball, basketball courts etc. Each of the houses has a professional chef who prepared them their breakfast and dinner at home, the Lunch will take it in the College or educational American-style institution, also snacks and drinks to carry students to the parks will be provided the weekends.


Students will attend the instructions and rules of coexistence that give them to your organization in own subjects of their stay; security in each of the spaces where they are, condominium, study sites, accompanying exits and transport, will have a travel assistance for the duration of the program provided by recognized companies in the market in travel theme and safe level international, counting each student with extensive coverage in health (does not cover pre-existing medical), home, dental health care, assistance with baggage loss or delays, delays or missed flights etc.