Welcome to  Charleston is a small, safe and friendly town in central Illinois.  With a population of just over 21,000, Charleston has much to offer TLC students.  Attend numerous local cultural events, visit President Abraham Lincoln sites including original log cabins, and enjoy the recreational areas and farms of the Midwest. Journey to the nearby cities of Chicago, Indianapolis, Saint Louis and Springfield for major league sporting events, world class shopping and theatre.  There are year-round activities to enjoy!

Area Information 

The town of Charleston, Illinois has a population of approximately 20,000 people.   Charleston is a college town centered around Eastern Illinois University and its population varies with the student population during the school year.  Fox Ridge State Park, east of Charleston, provides beautiful hiking trails, biking, sporting opportunities, and cooking out in season. Travel back to the nineteenth century at the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site and visit the home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, father and step-mother of Abraham Lincoln.  Charleston is within driving distance of three major metropolitan cities, Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; and Indianapolis, Indiana. These cities provide many opportunities for sightseeing, museums, and events.

Charleston Transportation

The Panther Shuttle is free for TLC students providing shuttle service to points of interest around Charleston including Walmart, County Market Grocery store, the downtown square, and several drop off and pickup points around Eastern Illinois University including a drop off to TLC.


Amtrak service is available in Mattoon, Illinois, 10 minutes west of Charleston. Passengers are encouraged to check the Amtrak website at www.amtrak.com for schedules, rates and ticket availability.

GreyHound Bus

Greyhound bus service is also available in Mattoon, Illinois, 10 minutes west of Charleston.  Passengers are encouraged to visit the Greyhound bus website at www.greyhound.com for schedules, rates and ticket availability.

Air Travel

International airports that service Charleston area are located in the major cities of Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; and St. Louis, Missouri.  Special arrangements may be made with TLC – Charleston for pick ups and/or drop offs for a fee.







High Temperature

30 °C

18 °C

4 °C

19 °C

Low Temperature

18 °C

7 °C

-5 °C

7 °C

Programs Offered:

Intensive English Program
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Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement for the Intensive English Program offered by AEA EXPLORER is 16 years old.

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