The Kirksville center embraces the AEA Explorer mission and vision which have helped celebrate more than thirty years of instruction and interaction.  English skills and innovative practice assist students attending AEA Explorer schools from around the world in the areas of university admission, career-building and language acquisition.  Both everyday and academic English are emphasized in the consistent mission of providing immersive and challenging programs across the curriculum.  Student services and learning opportunities are supported through the center’s host university, Truman State University (TSU).

The nine levels of the Intensive English Program are designed to provide university preparation in all skill areas of language acquisition and usage.  Test preparatory classes are available per session cycle, and writing for academic purposes is emphasized throughout the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to speak and practice listening and learning techniques with their instructors as part of their course objectives.
University advisement and immigration counseling are available through the center.  Helping students become acclimated to the university environment provides key focus to research and presentation-related projects.  Students avail themselves of university services via ID cards.


The AEA Explorer application and acceptance packets provide necessary and user-friendly information for students who would like to apply for the program and prepare for an interview at their local consulates.  The center and website can be contacted directly for details.  (Transferring In–Students wanting to transfer into the program can contact the center directly for the necessary paperwork.)




Students will find that studying abroad can be a reality.  It is advisable that international students read a variety of sources on the topic to prepare for their experience and to add to in-class conversation.  Weather changes, transportation needs, and everyday cultural occurrences all bear out the need for preparation.  One example is that weather patterns change throughout the year:

Average temperature ranges*:

  • February: 19-38 Fahrenheit (-7, 3 Approximate Celsius)
  • May: 51-77 Fahrenheit (10, 25 Celsius)
  • August: 63-85 Fahrenheit (17, 29 Celsius)
  • November: 30-49 Fahrenheit (-1, 9 Celsius)

*Data gathered at

Whether you are looking for a short-term English immersion or for a long-term study plan involving pursuit of a university degree, you can prepare for your experience knowing that the Kirksville office is here to assist you with any questions you may have.  We know that the decision to study abroad is an important one and we want to be here to guide you along the way.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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