American Explorer Academy is an American company with its corporate office located in the magnificent city of   Orlando, Florida, United States.  Our staff of bilingual professionals who work in the creation and execution of cultural immersion programs around the world are committed to our clients from beginning to the end of the processes. 

With more than 10 years’ experience and with presence in more than 15 countries around the world, AEA Explorer has become a leading organization in the implementation of International Summer Camps, Group Logistics, Language Camps, and an increasing network of prestigious partnerships with world renowned organizations both locally and internationally. 

Thousands of participants have been part of this amazing experience where our Explorers are the ultimate beneficiaries of the benefits of our programs.  Explore, Discover & Learn… 

-Arley Avila 


Orlando, Florida, USA, is one of the most visited destinations in the United States and the world, Orlando and Kissimmee Florida offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience  a wide variety of  world- renowned and world-class corporations, companies, theme parks, universities and organizations; making Central Florida a globally competitive and positioned location.  

AEA Explorer has become specialized in the implementation of the best components that Central Florida has to offer, in a perfect mixtures of components that include, Education, Culture, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Robotics, and much more to accommodate for all ages and program specifications. 

Education, Culture and Entertainment 


AEA’s broad approach towards the improvement of the components of its programs, especially the strengthening 

of English as a second language, AEA has created strategic alliances with educational institutions, colleges, high schools and accredited universities in the United States. These institutions are responsible for carrying out part of the educational component of our programs. 

Our allies provide our students with one of the fundamental ingredients, Education,  being this is one of the fundamental purposes in all our programs, in order for children and young people to have a dynamic 

 Learning experience and also improving and perfecting their English, engaging with international students as well as developing their personal communication skills. 


Our extracurricular and English language learning method is designed to combine knowledge along with entertainment  and make students feel the desire to learn not only by being confined to a classroom setting but also to be exposed to fun and dynamic activities. 

This is why we consider that the theme parks are a great ingredient to our program they provide a fun stage where they can enjoy world class shows as well as attractions 

A fun experience is always a complement to the already complete and comprehensive program and our participants and clients will forever remember and value this part of their experience. 

Culture, Science & Technology

We complement the fun and educational component of our program by providing our participants the opportunity to experience a series of strategic visits that have a technology and science projected activities, such as NASA, Wild Florida, and local museums along with emblematic places full of natural beauty and historical significance. 

These visits are an important positive asset to the participants learning and immersion experience. AEA is committed to making sure this component of our programs ads a great deal of value to the Explorers’ Journey. 


AEA values its expertise in the  implementation of all our international programs and camps that carry with them the fundamental pillars that combine security, supervision, 5 star accommodations, gourmet food, transportation and guided visits to our destinations. We strive for the wellbeing and comfort of our Explorers and make sure their needs are met on a daily basis. 

Our clients such as parents, students, schools, institutions have always giving us a 5 Star Review which we hold dear and thrive to maintain and surpass. 

International Partnerships 

More than a decade of work has allowed us to create strategic alliances with important companies in a global basis, in more than 15 Countries contributing to our growth and exchange of knowledge, experiences and bonds of friendship that  have strengthened us as a company; some are, Valencia College Orlando, University of Central Florida, Experience Kissimmee, Wild Florida, Global Exchange Education, Assist card International, American Camp Association, ACA, AGA Education Holdings, Enrollment Advisory Group, Celebration Golf Academy, Fraby Edu, Luxe Robotics among others, and with them; We have led important projects in search of the improvement and advancement of the interest of our customers the best services and benefits. 12 In 2018, fruit of invaluable work, we were have joined  the American Camp Association, ACA, the official organization of the United States that  recognizes our labor our camp and our works,  with membership # SC 9113 010. 

Virtual Programs

We have developed a virtual English program and curriculum that has been acquired by more than 5000 participants around the world; we are able to create online courses directed to our clients not only in the English Language but also in any subject. Through our strategic partner, Fraby Education we combine a team of teachers, developers and project managers that ensure that the programs are to our clients’ needs and specs. 

We have also established a strategic partnership with prestigious organizations in Beijing such as Luxe Robotics, in which we look forward to providing schools around the world the opportunity to have state of the art robotics curriculums and facilities. 

Our clients.

We have developed and created a broad and diverse client portfolio in different countries some of the most outstanding are the following: 

instituciones educativas las siguientes: 

Colegio Nuevo Inglaterra de Bogotá. 

Gimnasio Campestre Reino Británico de Tenjo. 

Colegio Lerner & Klein de Tenjo. 

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol de Bogotá. 

Colegio Bilingüe San Juan de Avila de Bogotá. 

Colegio Cardenal Sancha de Bogotá. 

Colegio Alvernia de Bogotá. 

Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Presentacion Centro de Bogotá. 

Liceo de la Presentación de Duitama. 

Colegio la Presentación de Zipaquirá. 

Colegio la Presentación de Ubaté. 

Colegio Miguel Antonio Caro de Bogotá. 

Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Sabiduria de Bogotá. 

Colegio la Sabiduría de Acacías Méta. 

Colegio Inglaterra Real de Bogotá. 

Liceo Cervantes el Retiro de Bogotá. 

Instituto San Bernardo de la Salle de Bogotá. 

Colegio la Salle de Cartagena. 

Colegio la Salle de Cúcuta. 

Colegio la Salle Villavicencio. 

Gimnasio William Mackinley de Bogotá. 

Colegio María Inmaculada de Bogotá. 

Gimnasio Superior Nuevos Andes de Bogotá. 

Colegio Salesiano de Tunja. 

Colegio Cooperativo de la Calera. 

Gimnasio Campestre Los Alpes de la Calera. 

Colegio Luigi Pirandello de Bogotá. 

Academia de Lenguas Internacionales de Bogotá. 

Colegio Campestre Principado de Mónaco de Funza. 

Gimnasio Fuentes del Rio de Cota. 

Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Gracia de Calí. 

The British School Calí. 

Liceo Moderno del Ariari de Granada, Meta. 


Our companies have been recognized by newspapers and organizations both nationally and internationally, among others the Orlando- Sentinel, Journal of the Newspaper Colleges, Time, Legis Editors, etc., also by Directives of Educational Institutions, and our clients’ own words: 

American Explorer Academy brings groups of students to The Orlando area for cultural and language immersion vacations … “News Paper / Orlando Sentinel 

I have traveled to many countries and many programs, but this It is without a doubt the best Mariana Valencia / Student School San Mateo 

Apostle of Bogotá. Very grateful to our main collaborators of the agency for allowing me to live, to know, to smile and to move to my deepest dreams! Alejandro Rojas student from Costa Rica. 

A thousand and a thousand thanks to all, special to you, Mauricio for all our dedication and attention, my daughter Fiorella Cuello tells me It was a wonderful experience, thanks for all the support. I stand before you at your orders. Liliana Serrano / Mother of Family and Vice – Consul, of the Republic of Mexico, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar. 

Today is our last day here, it was a unique and incredible experience! I have no words to describe how grateful I am I’m with the opportunity! I would repeat it one and a thousand times more! Maria Dahyan Arias Arias, Aguas Zarcas Costa Rica. 

“Gentlemen, Aea Explorer Colombia, on behalf of the Lerner & Klein School and the students and in mine, I love you thank you and the related companies for the organization, attention, cordiality and affection with which they attended us “. MARÍA ESPERANZA VÁSQUEZ VARGAS, Rector Bilingual College Lerner And Klein