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The enterpreneur

By Arle Avila

In the economic system of capitalism, there seems to be an all around accepted concept of self start, self reliance, bravery and risk taking, these are just some of the obvious but but not common characteristics and description of a person who is called an Entrepreneur, a risk taker a person who is willing to risk his time, money, resources amongst other attributes, just to pursue a dream or an idea, unlike regular business man, or “family business person” an entrepreneur must have certain characteristics to be identified as such, one of the main reference that directly make a person an entrepreneur is the fact that their (Chap 5, Nature of the Entrepreneur) idea transcends conventional status quo expectations and their idea or dream is also innovative, different and expandable. In addition the entrepreneur must complement his visionary skills with talent, as well as knowledge on the business principles, managerial principles, marketing ideas, and most important leadership, the entrepreneur must have superb communications skills in order to attract stakeholders to his venture, and not only convince others but expand the conceptualizations of his ideas, an entrepreneur must not get involved in micromanagement, great entrepreneur seem to have a great characteristic of going from A through Z while delegating B through Y.

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