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Money supply

Money Supply

Financial institutions, services they provide and explain their role in expanding money supply

By Arley Avila

Whether you are an employee, an employer, an individual, a student, an entrepreneur, an LLC, a corporation or any type of person, institution or organization, you will always have a need at some point of stage of the process of requiring the services and or product of a financial institution. Financial institutions are those that are engaged in all that involves transactions; in contrary to popular believe financial institutions are not just banks, they also include: trust companies, investment firms, private equity firms, brokerage firms and even insurance companies amongst others. These financial institutions are in charge of connecting money lenders with money suppliers, loans, investments, currency exchange, equity investments etc. 

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Financial institutions also come in every size from you local community credit union center to even global entities to meet any market needs. In order to expand the money supply lets take the example of a bank, it assumes that at no particular point in time all of the clients will withdraw all of the funds from their accounts, this means that when a deposit is made to a bank, the actual money is not saved as a cash account it only increases your available balance. Once the bank has the money that is deposited, it will add a portion to its reserves and the rest is lends to people, institutions, banks, and even governments, these banks will charge an interest for the money it lends and it will expand the money supply from the interests, and also applying the money multiplying formula and factors to ensure that this expansion of the supply is met. 

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Adapting and transforming the way of thinking for camp operators and campers



The past year has been quite the learning experience for our humanity, not only were we faced with the possibility of human annihilation at one point of the collective perception of the pandemic, but also the economic implications that were directly tied to the external consequences of the pandemic; specifically for camp business owners, made us look at the world through a different scope.

Our Camp American Explorer Academy also Known as AEAExplorer, has been implementing, creating and delivering camps and experiences to different students around the world, we have a unique segmented market that conisist of international students that have grown with the concept of the “American Camp” experience, so we have created a specialized program to our specific demographic segment of our market. For more that 13 years we were able to expand to over 13 countries and offer what the USA has to offer, service, the best service available to our students and consequently we were able to build brand recognition, clientele loyalty and most importantly, happy campers.

But then 2020 came, the news of the possible pandemic was already spreading around the world and in the US as well, people were afraid, uncertain about what this meant for their personal, professional and social life; and they were right, the pandemic gave a shift to the convention of society and until today, there is no sociological study that may define what really happened to us in psychological sense. But we can measure what happened to the economy and in this case to our camps.

Speaking from my personal experience, the fact that the borders closed in a global stage, meant no more international students for my camp, until thinks started going back to normal, so our company, AEAExplorer, had sometime to analyze and interpret the strategies or lack of strategies specially in risk management and contingency tactics. We were faced as well as humanity, with the possibility of the end our ouf Camp Service Business.

As the pandemic progressed and we were in our homes trying to understand what happened, one thing for sure is eminent, that change has to be done, new strategic planning, new company goals, objectives, tactical planning, and operational management strategies, fortunately we as camp owners have a strong foundation and are part of an industry that thrives on positive thinking and transcendental experience making for our campers.

So it is actually the best time for us, to take a look at ourselves and our Camps and implement the next generations of leaders that can bring new ideas to our markets and our industries, new technologies, new markets, and new demographics need to be taken into considerations in order to have a camp with a long life span, our camps have been in operations for the past 14 years, and we are making all of the changes necessary to make our camp leader within our market, you can too!

* Arley Avila President/CEO AEAExplorer, American Explorer Academy LLC, Bright World Education Enterprises LLC. Education Camp Travel LLC.